• Bradwell B

About the project

The Bradwell B site was designated by the government in 2011 as being potentially suitable for a new nuclear power station. In the past couple of years, we have been undertaking extensive surveys, along with ground and marine investigations to give us a detailed understanding of what can be achieved at the site. During our Stage One consultation we shared our initial proposals so that we can continue to shape them together.

Our initial proposals are for a twin reactor power station, able to generate enough low carbon electricity to power around four million homes. Tens of thousands of jobs will be created during construction, whilst the operating power station will provide hundreds of jobs for at least 60 years. Supporting skills and education programmes in the local area will be key to allowing local people to take advantage of these opportunities.

The local and regional economy will also benefit, with significant opportunities for the local supply chain.

The project will also require some associated developments to support construction, such as park and ride sites, temporary accommodation, marine transport facilities and road improvements.

You can see more about our proposals in the consultation material we produced for our Stage One consultation from 4 March – 1 July 2020, available here.

About the partners

The two investors in the Bradwell B project are CGN and EDF Group. CGN is a major generator of low carbon energy in China and around the world and is the biggest builder of new nuclear power stations globally. EDF is one of the largest energy companies in the world, with huge experience of the nuclear sector. It owns the existing operational nuclear fleet in the UK.

The two companies are also working together to build Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C. In the case of Bradwell B, CGN owns 66.5% of the project, and EDF the rest.