• Bradwell B

Project Benefits

We are committed to contributing to net zero whilst creating economic benefit, improving opportunities for the people across the East of England and leaving a positive legacy in the area.

Net zero and Energy Security

Bradwell B will generate enough low carbon electricity for 4 million homes, rain or shine, day or night. The project will make a vital contribution to meeting the UK’s future need for low carbon, secure and affordable energy and achieving the UK’s legally binding target of net zero carbon by 2050. Read more in our article on net zero needs nuclear.



Bradwell B will provide generations of opportunities.  Over 9-12 years of construction, Bradwell B will employ tens of thousands of people. At peak there will be around 9,100 workers at the main site, 3,000 of which would be from the local and regional workforce.

When complete, the power station will create 900 high value jobs for 60+ years.

Local economy

Bradwell B will inject millions of pounds of investment into the local and regional economies. Businesses across Essex such as catering and taxis, engineering and logistics, construction and accommodation, all stand to benefit.

The Essex and the wider East of England economy is already benefitting from nuclear new build. Since 2016, over £1 billion had been spent with suppliers in the East of England by our sister project, Hinkley Point C.


Throughout the construction, Bradwell B will create at least 1,200 apprenticeships. We will work with schools and education providers to ensure local residents maximise the opportunities from the project, in turn helping to create the next generation of nuclear and infrastructure experts for the wider UK and international industry.


Local community

We want Bradwell B to become part of the community. We aim to work closely with the local communities as we develop our proposals to minimise local disturbance and maximise local benefits.


Lasting legacy

Bradwell B is an opportunity to leave a lasting positive legacy: for infrastructure, the environment, skills, and landscapes; benefitting our communities, other local industries and the local economy.

To understand more about the benefits a nuclear new build can create, read Hinkley Point C’s Socio-Economic Impact Report.