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Boosting the local economy

This project has the potential to make a lasting difference in Essex and the East of England.

The construction of Bradwell B would be one of the largest projects in the UK and will require a highly skilled construction workforce. Bradwell B would provide employment opportunities not only throughout its construction but also into the operation of the station. The project also has the potential to provide:

  • economic growth;
  • sustained employment; and
  • enhanced skills provision



At Hinkley Point C: 

  • 25,000 job opportunities will be created during construction
  • 5,600 people will be on site during peak construction
  • 1,000 apprenticeships will created
  • 900 jobs will be created throughout its 60-year operation

Hinkley Point C is Bradwell B’s sister project. It is already being built in Somerset following around seven years of planning and development. The Government recently published a report revealing the benefits the project is already delivering. Over the lifetime of the project, the Hinkley Point C project aims to bring £4bn into the regional economy. If you want to know more about Hinkley Point C, please visit the project’s website.

Bradwell B would bring significant investment into the eastern regional economy in a similar way as well as creating thousands of employment and apprenticeship opportunities across a broad range of occupations and careers.


CGN and EDF Energy are committed to ensuring that local people benefit from the opportunities that Bradwell B could bring. The project is still at an early stage, however over the next few years we will be creating our initial proposals, at which point we will undertake extensive consultation with various stakeholders – including the local community, local authorities, and statutory consultees.

If approved, there would be significant investment in new local infrastructure in Essex, including new road infrastructure and footpaths.


Community fund

We have recently launched an annual Community Fund of £10,000 to provide a small group to help local projects. The fund is administered for us by the Essex Community Foundation. Visit the project website to find out more.


Community beach clean

To mark World Environment Week, workers from Bradwell B took park in a litterpick on local Bradwell-on-Sea beaches in June 2018. A dozen workers managed to collect 15 sacks of rubbish. We were happy to be able to make a positive difference in the community.



At Hinkley Point C: 

  • £20m community fund for projects surrounding Hinkey Point C
  • £40m per annum into the regional economy during the 60-year operation of the power station
  • £30m invested in improving local road infrastructure
  • £3.175m invested in walking and cycling infrastructure in the local area



Contact us

You can contact the Bradwell B project team by any of the following methods:

T: 01621 451 451
E: info@bradwellb.co.uk

For media enquiries, email media@edfenergy.com