Bradwell B hosts second Community Forum

Last week we held our second Community Forum with more than 30 representatives from the community and stakeholder organisations in attendance.

The Community Forum exists for representatives of community organisations, public service organisations, county, district and parish councillors, and MPs to meet members of the project team, find out more about proposals for Bradwell B, and ask questions. Presently, because of the pandemic, the Forum is meeting online, but the Forum aims to meet in person as soon as it is safe.

Bradwell B’s Community Relations Manager, Stephen Bray thanked the Forum Members: “Again, we are grateful that people took the time to attend. We were joined by Environment Agency representatives, who presented on the regulators’ generic design assessment of our proposed reactor technology, the UK HPR1000, and their current public consultation.

“We also took the time to talk about environmental impact assessment, which is a major part of our work in preparing our application for planning permission – through a development consent order – within which we will assess all of the possible impacts environmentally, for the community, local ecology, heritage, and socio-economics.

“We hope the forum members found it helpful to have explained these important regulatory processes and how they can engage with them to ensure their voices are heard.”

More information about the Community Forum is available on Bradwell B’s website ( including previous meeting notes, presentations, and its terms of reference. The Environment Agency consultation continues until 4 April 2021, and more information is available from its website (