Bradwell B Project Update – Work Plan for 2021

Every year the Bradwell B project undertakes a review of progress and decides the focus and activities for the coming year.

The project made strong progress in 2020. We carried out our first stage of public consultation, completed environmental impact assessment scoping, and we secured an electricity generation licence.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic has restricted our ability to progress some important aspects of the project and these are now out of sequence with the overall development programme.

To address this we are prioritising technical aspects of our project in 2021, in particular engineering feasibility assessments.  We are pausing other areas of work, including detailed preparations for our development consent order application.  These will resume once we have completed the engineering feasibility assessments and re-balanced the development schedule.

Engagement with local authorities

Developers of nationally significant infrastructure projects meet the cost of technical engagement with local authorities so it does not pass through to council tax payers.  Bradwell B has been providing funding to Essex County and Maldon District Councils to date for technical engagement.

We will continue to discuss the project with the host local authorities, as well as with councils in the surrounding areas, updating them on our progress.

Detailed technical engagement with the local authorities won’t be necessary this year whilst we focus on the engineering feasibility assessments.  Therefore, we have temporarily halted funding for the time being until we are ready to resume wider aspects of the project.

What happens next?

During 2021, we will focus on our engineering feasibility assessment work to make sure we have a strong foundation for delivering Bradwell B efficiently and effectively.

Our commitment to deliver Bradwell B and make our contribution to achieving the Government’s target of net zero emissions by 2050 is unchanged.

Find out more about Bradwell B

The Bradwell B team is available to answer questions about our project, you can contact us by email, phone and on social media.