Bradwell B welcomes the Planning Inspectorate’s appeal decision

On Friday 5 November the Planning Inspectorate announced its decision to allow the Bradwell B planning appeal and grant planning permission to conduct temporary ground investigation and load testing works on the proposed site for Bradwell B in Essex.

Alan Raymant Bradwell B’s Chief Executive said: “We welcome the Planning Inspectorate’s decision, which recognises the significant work that our team has done to avoid impacts for the community and the surrounding environment. Bradwell B is a hugely important project, which will deliver low carbon electricity to support net zero, as well as create significant job and economic benefits locally and regionally. This decision allows us to continue to work diligently to move the project forward.

“The works under consideration have only ever been a way to understand more about the site for Bradwell B, allowing informed design and mitigation to be proposed ahead of future consultation with the public and ultimately an application for development consent for the power station itself.  We look forward to resuming these investigative works at the appropriate time and we will keep our neighbouring communities fully informed.”

Bradwell B originally made the application to Maldon District Council, who subsequently declined planning permission in August 2020.

During the appeal a new issued was raised regarding the potential impact of the work on seahorses, resulting in an Issue Specific Hearing in September 2021.

As a responsible developer, Bradwell B team conducted months of careful consideration and engagement with multiple stakeholders, to propose a programme of works which would minimise or remove entirely any impacts of the proposed temporary works for local residents, wildlife, and local heritage assets.

The Planning Inspectorate concluded that Maldon District Council acted unreasonably in refusing planning permission on planning grounds which were capable of being dealt with by condition.  The Bradwell B project will continue to work with Maldon District Council to progress the project, which will help meet the UK’s commitment to net zero.