Bradwell-on-Sea Residents Letter – 24 May 2021

We recently wrote to people living in the Bradwell-on-Sea parish with an update on the project. This update includes information on recent meetings and current site works.

You can read the update below.

We’re very pleased to see that society is slowly re-opening. Like many of you, we’ve spent the
pandemic conducting the vast majority of our meetings online, and we’re looking forward to reopening our offices safely. We’re looking forward to re-establishing our relationships with you in the real world, in the not-too-distant future.

Over the last few months the Bradwell B team has been busy engaging with parish councils and
other community groups about various elements of our proposals. Discussions have ranged from last years’ stage one consultation proposals themselves, to talking about the work that has been
undertaken since and what lies ahead before more detailed, developed proposals are once again
presented for review in future consultation.

There has been plenty to consider. We’ve found that people are keen to talk about transport,
worker accommodation, heritage and environmental protection. There are plenty of questions too
about jobs, skills and business opportunities. Our proposals (see address many of these areas, and we’re always keen to hear the views of the community.

Many have been keen to understand how the regulatory processes work. Building a nuclear power
station involves a lot of regulation (which we’ve summarised on our website: please see, and we like to take the opportunity to help people
understand when and where this takes place, the role of the organisations involved and the
processes they undertake.

If these topics or others are of interest to an organisation you are part of, we would welcome an
invitation to present and answer questions, or equally if you would like an individual conversation
we offer video surgery sessions, or we can just have a call on the telephone.

Please get in touch with our Community Relations team for more information.

Community Forum
The date for the next Bradwell B Community Forum has been announced as 22 June. This is an
independently-chaired regular meeting, through which community organisations, business groups,
public service bodies and elected public representatives can attend to hear from, and engage with
the project team on matters relating to the project’s development. There is more information
available on our website about the terms of reference for the group, previous meeting notes and
presentation slides. If an organisation you are part of would like to join the Forum, please see more
details in the terms of reference and get in touch.

Social media
Hopefully you’ll have discovered us already on social media channels, Twitter
( and Facebook ( We post content on a
daily basis and enjoy a fairly lively level of engagement from people with questions and views. Our
social media team enjoy opportunities to explain our proposals, so if you haven’t already, we’d love
you to come and join the conversation.

Site activity
Our work plan for 2021 is focussed on engineering feasibility, which means that there is less activity at the site itself this year. Over the last few weeks you may have seen our teams removing a
meteorological mast, having completed our first phase of data collection. The data we collected will
be used in various ways; in our environmental impact assessment, and to inform elements of the
design of the power station and our construction plan. As activity takes place we’ll ensure that there
is plenty of communication with you, directly through these letters, but also through the parish
council, the Bradwell B Community Forum and other community groups.
Staying in touch and how to contact us

If you have any questions or comments, you can speak to a member of the project team via our
contact details. You can also book a telephone or video call surgery by phone or through our
webpage. We are always happy to hear your views and answer your questions.