Bradwell-on-Sea Community Update – 7th December 2020

We recently wrote to people living in the Bradwell-on-Sea parish with an update on the project. This update includes information on recent meetings and current site works.

You can read the update below.

Parish council meetings

Over the course of the last few weeks, we have undertaken a number of positive meetings with local parish councils, including Bradwell-on-Sea, to keep them abreast of our activities and plans. For Bradwell, after an update on the project our team answered questions on historical assets, environmental protections, and our transport strategy, among other subjects. From Bradwell B’s perspective, these meetings are always welcome as they provide the opportunity for us to continue to receive feedback, and provide explanations on the proposals and the processes that are being followed.

Site activity

Survey work continues on the Bradwell B site, but there is a reducing level of activity as the year draws to a close. Amongst the surveys currently underway is the monitoring of brent geese, in addition to other wildfowl, plus other land and estuary-based studies.

Staying in touch and how to contact us

As you will be aware from our last letter, we have reintroduced telephone and video call surgeries, which will continue to be available to anyone who would like to speak directly with the Bradwell B team and ask questions. The sessions, which can be by phone or video call, can be booked online or by calling 01621 451 451.

As always. we welcome phone calls, letters, and emails whenever you would like to get in touch, and we are always happy to hear your views and answer your questions.