Bradwell-on-Sea Residents Letter – 10 November 2021

Dear Neighbours,

We are writing to update you on the ground investigation planning application and works on the Bradwell B site.


In August 2020, the Bradwell B project made an application to Maldon District Council to conduct temporary ground investigation and load testing works on the proposed site for Bradwell B. This application was declined and over the last year we have been pursuing an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate.

On 5 November 2021 the Planning Inspectorate announced its decision to allow the Bradwell B planning appeal and grant planning permission.

The works are intended to help us understand more about the site for Bradwell B, allowing informed design and mitigation to be proposed ahead of future consultation and ultimately to support the submission of suitable permissions applications for the power station itself.

There are two components to the works. Firstly, the ground investigation works, which involve using borehole and similar techniques along with creating small observation pits to provide a better picture of ground conditions across the site. Secondly, the load test, which involves the creation of an excavation down to the London Clay bedrock to allow assessment of this material for the foundation of a new nuclear power station plant.

Next steps

The timing for the work will need to factor in a number of considerations, including weather and ground conditions, time of year, contracts with the suppliers and the ability to mobilise the appropriate teams. At this stage we do not anticipate the work taking place through 2022. When we have a programme of work we will ensure our neighbouring communities are kept informed.

 Staying in touch and how to contact us

If you have any questions or comments, you can speak to a member of the project team via the contact details below. You can also book a telephone or video call surgery by phone or through our website. We are always happy to hear your views and answer your questions.

01621 451