• Bradwell B

Community Forum

What is the Community Forum?

The Bradwell B Community Forum has been established for ongoing dialogue and discussion about the development of the Project between the developer, and local communities and organisations with an interest in the development of Bradwell B. The Forum, which is independently chaired, will be a way to share and receive information throughout the planning, construction and operational phases of the new nuclear power station.

At the Forum’s quarterly meetings, Forum Members receive updates as the project progresses (which they can share with the communities they represent) and are able to ask questions of the developer, and feed back to the Forum about the proposals and on issues affecting these communities.

You can see the Forum’s Terms of Reference here.


The Bradwell B Community Forum is made up from local community and special interest groups, business, elected representatives, and organisations which will play an important consultative role as the proposals for Bradwell B are developed.

The criteria on which the current membership has been invited is detailed in the Forum’s Terms of Reference. If an organisation wishes to come forward to join the Forum, they should contact the Forum’s Chair, explaining their interest in joining, and how they believe that they meet the criteria.


How does the Community Forum work?

The Community Forum is led by an independent Chair, who leads meetings and oversees the business of the Forum. Meetings are held on a quarterly basis. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, these meetings take place online and are closed sessions. Agreed minutes will be published on this page after each meeting.

Membership of the Community Forum is by invitation only. You can find out more background information, including the criteria for membership, by reading the Forum’s Terms of Reference here.

Meeting dates

The first meeting of the Community Forum will be held at the start of October 2020. The meetings take place in closed session, though meeting notes will be published on this page in the days following each meeting.


To contact the Chair or any of the member organisations, please email the Forum secretary at CommunityForum@bradwellb.co.uk or call 01621 451 451.