Investigative works and survey update – February 2019

Boats used to profile seabed and marine environment

Beginning in 2018, the Bradwell B project team have been carrying out a series of surveys and investigative works with the aim of building our understanding of the area and to further develop our proposals, both on and offshore.

The latest in this series of surveys and investigative works began again this week. In the coming months, we will be carrying out geophysical, oceanographic and ecological investigations offshore involving a number of small boats, which will be profiling the seabed and marine environment, and providing data on the tides and currents. We will also be preparing onsite for further investigative works to take place in the spring and summer.

All of these surveys and investigations will help inform the impact assessment and design of the proposed power station. Once we have sufficient information, we will consult with the local community on our initial proposals.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact a member of the project team using the details below:

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