Bradwell-on-Sea Residents Letter – 12 August 2021

We recently wrote to people living in the Bradwell-on-Sea parish with an update on the project. This update includes information on recent meetings and current site works.

You can read the update below.


As we’ve entered the summer months and start to take holidays, we’re reminded that the pandemic is still with us, and that despite recent Government relaxation of restrictions, we still need to look out for each other. Our colleagues in the Bradwell B project continue to work mostly from home, and are still adhering to social distancing and mask wearing in indoor spaces and / or if they are in close proximity to others.

Work on site

You might have noticed that we have been conducting some work on Peartree cottages and the Weymarks Old Farm House. You will be aware that, having been untenanted for some time, the buildings are in various states of dilapidation, so we have taken the opportunity to improve the security of the buildings and their overall safety. We will continue various works in the weeks ahead, including trimming vegetation on these properties.

None of these buildings are safe to access. Our security contractor regularly checks on their condition, but with the summer school holidays, we would appreciate your assistance in reminding young people that it is not safe to enter these or any other unoccupied structures on the Bradwell site.

If you are concerned for the security or safety of these buildings, please let our security contractor know by calling 01621 736403 (in-office hours) or 07593 719110 (out-of-office hours).

Third Community Forum takes place

The third Bradwell B Community Forum took place on 22 June 2021. This regular forum is to help engagement between Bradwell B and community groups, elected representatives, and statutory organisations. If you are a member of an organisation that would like to be invited, please visit the Community Forum page on our website for more information (

The June forum heard from BRB’s sister project Hinkley Point C, which is currently in construction, and received an update on the engineering design work taking place behind the scenes at Bradwell B. The Environment Agency also provided an update on how it is progressing with the report from the consultation it conducted into its ‘Generic Design Assessment’ of the UK HPR1000 reactor technology. All of the presentation slides and the meeting notes are available on the Community Forum web page.

Virtual drop-in session with MDC councillors

The Bradwell B team also took part in a virtual drop in for Maldon District Council members. The session gave councillors the opportunity to get an update on the project, discuss the proposals from the Stage One consultation (, and ask questions about how work to progress the proposals will be undertaken before they are presented for review in future public consultation.

Staying in touch and how to contact us

If you have any questions or comments, you can speak to a member of the project team via the contact details below. You can also book a telephone or video call surgery by phone or through our website. We are always happy to hear your views and answer your questions.

Call: 01621 451 451   Email:           Visit:


Whatever you are doing this summer, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable break.

Yours sincerely,


Kate Stinton

Head of Bradwell B Communications

Bradwell Power Generation Company Limited