Welcome to the Bradwell B virtual exhibition.

Following advice from the Government and Public Health England on COVID-19, we took the difficult decision to cancel a series of public exhibitions on proposals for Bradwell B that were planned across the region. We hope this virtual exhibition helps you access all of the information you would have been able to view at the public exhibitions and to get answers to any questions that you might have.

To navigate your way through the exhibition, please drag your cursor from right to left and click on the  to find out more information.

You can also watch videos and fly-throughs of plans by clicking on the“Play”  symbols.

1. Welcome to the Bradwell B consultation

2. The power station

3. The power station (continued)

4. Design and environment

5. Construction

6. People and jobs

7. Accommodation

8. Transport

9. Sea transport

10. Freight management facility

11. Road transport

12. Strategic Route 1

13. Strategic Route 2

14. Road Transport – Early Years Routes

15. Moving people

16. Safety and Security

17. How to respond to this consultation

Get in touch

Email: feedback@bradwellb.co.uk
Phone: 01621 451451
Post: FREEPOST Bradwell B Consultation

Please note: The deadline for responding to our Stage 1 consultation is 11.59pm on 1st July 2020. After this date, we will collect feedback received and use this to shape our proposals before further consultation in the years to come.

Mainsite overview


Route 1

Route 2